Taste meat. Eat PLNT.

We are PLNT: the 100% plant-based successor of meat & fish. Healthy, animal-free & simply delicious! Relatable flavours in a plant-based fashion.


Source of iron,
vitamin D & B12

natural &

High in
protein & fibre


Great for today, even better for our future.

With PLNT, you’re not just eating fantastic food, you’ll also be contributing to a better future as PLNT is great for both humans and the planet. With our relatable flavours in a plant-based fashion, you’ll taste the original, but eat completely animal-free. PLNT is full of natural ingredients and made sustainably in Europe. And with our range full of added vitamin D, B12, iron and fibre, we’re healthy too. Now that’s what we call a win-win!


Where to PLNT?

Our 100% plant-based PLNT products can be found here:

Taste innovators: from meat to plnt

That PLNT is connected to meat, might surprise you. Our parent company, Jan Zandbergen Group, started as a small butcher in the 1950ies, in Leiden (the Netherlands). Over 70 years later, the tiny butcher’s shop has turned into an expert in the world’s best meat, but with an eye on a healthy future. With the founding of Future Food Group, we want to contribute to a new world with innovative, plant-based successors to meat and fish.

Plant-based? 100% But unrecognisable as meat (or fish) without taste or structure? Absolutely not!

PLNT together?

PLNT in your business?

Our 100% plant-based successors aren’t simply available for you to enjoy at home, we also cater to the hospitality industry! Have you always wanted to serve a great plant-based successor to meat or fish in your restaurant or business? With PLNT, it is possible! Shall we PLNT together?

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