Banh Mi

With the PLNT 100% Plant-based Pulled Beef


how it's done

Attention: if you got a sachet of gravy with your pulled beef, it is not used in this recipe. 

1. Mix the rice vinegar and the sugar, then add the carrot and retich. 

2. Season with the salt and pepper. let it marinade for 10 minutes.

3. Mix the sesame oil, fish sauce, ketjap, the 5 spices and water into a smooth marinade. 

4. Bake the pulled beef for a few minutes in a pan, using the sunflower oil. Add the marinade and take the pan off the stove. let it rest somewhere else. 

5. Cut open the baguettes, spread it with the mayonnaise and add the vegetable mix. Add the Pulled Beef.

6. Garnish with some slices of cucumber, the cilantro, finely chopped red pepper and the siracha mayonnaise. 

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