Looking to add some plant-based to the menu or to your range? Our products fit any menu perfectly.


PLNT offers convenience in the kitchen and above all ultimate taste without making any concessions. Our products fit any menu perfectly. Any chef can create fantastic dishes with our successors.

Take our strips for example. You can either choose our pre-marinated strips, or let the chef add his own marinade or flavouring: thanks to our special 3D Extrusion Technology the strips will absorb the flavours, giving them that mouth-watering taste.

Our products are to be prepared within minutes, quick and easy. Whether you have a French, Italian, American or Asian menu: we’ve got you covered with a delicious range.


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plnt-it in your range

We hear you think: “another vegan brand…”. We understand. There is a worldwide growing demand for plant-based products and vegan brands are popping up everywhere. So why sell PLNT instead of other brands? Or why implement vegan in your range at all?

Why having vegan options in your range is a must:

Consumers are seeking healthier and more sustainable alternatives to traditional animal-based products due to concerns about health, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability, also in restaurants.

48% of all Europeans have started consuming more meat replacers since the pandemic due to health reasons.

Plant-based products appeal to a wide range of consumers, including vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, health-conscious individuals, and those with dietary restrictions or allergies. This diverse target audience provides opportunities for product expansion and adaptation to cater to different needs and preferences.

Many foodservice providers are actively expanding their plant-based offerings to meet the growing demand. Selling plant-based products can open doors for partnerships and collaborations, allowing you to reach a larger customer base.

By promoting plant-based alternatives, you contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate food system. This can generate a sense of purpose and fulfillment, attracting conscious consumers who value businesses with a positive social impact.

There is a growing demand among chefs for convenience and ready-to-cook products due to rising costs, time-pressure and a lack of personnel.

What makes PLNT different:

PLNT is a brand of Future Food Group. Future Food Group exists out of a team of taste innovators constantly working on the development and improvement of plant-based products. We have our own research and development team and production in-house. Among the team there are ex-butchers who know exactly what it takes to make a successor to meat.

The products are produced sustainably in the Netherlands. With the production of plant-based products, there is a lower carbon footprint and a reduced water usage. For example, the soy we use is unique: we use European soy, produced with 85% re-used energy and without deforestation.

With PLNT there is no need to add extra fibres or protein like nuts and vegetables to recipes: PLNT is high in protein and fibre and full of vitamin D, B12 and iron. The meat -and fish successors of PLNT are nutritional enough on their own. So no need to alter any recipes, just add PLNT!

We offer convenience. The products are quick and easy to prepare. Ready to cook, but you can still add your own flavours and taste to make your own creations.

We offer PLNT frozen and in big packs. Due to it being frozen, it has a long shelf life. Just store it in your freezer and take out whatever you need. This limits food waste.

We offer a wide range of unique products to choose from. Something for every chef and every kitchen, without concessions to taste, structure and healthy nutrients for the consumer: they won’t even know the difference…

What the plnt?

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We offer several options for POS-materials to PLNT-up your business. From PLNT-flags to our logo on the menu: let’s discuss your needs. And supply us with your logo as well: we add you to our availability page so everyone can see where they can enjoy or purchase PLNT.


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