Looking to upgrade your product range with our next level successors? Our products fit your shelves perfectly!


Brighten up your vegan shelf with PLNT! We have several options that fit your shelves perfectly. We offer our products in fresh and frozen packaging. The packaging is available in several languages. With PLNT, consumers have a wide range with various products to choose from: one for every taste and every dish. 

As you know, the vegan category is growing. If you’re thinking ‘just another vegan brand’ you’re hardly mistaken. What makes us different from the rest?

PLNT is a brand of Future Food Group. Future Food Group exists out of a team of taste innovators constantly working on the development and improvement of plant-based products. We have our own research and development team and production in-house. Among the team there are ex-butchers who know exactly what it takes to make a successor to meat.

Sustainability is important among consumers. PLNT is produced sustainably in the Netherlands. With the production of plant-based products, there is a lower carbon footprint and a reduced water usage. For example, the soy we use is unique: we use European soy, produced with 85% re-used energy and without deforestation.

Our products are quick and easy to prepare and offer convenience to the home cook: they will serve a vegan dish in no-time! With PLNT there is no need to add extra fibres or protein like nuts and vegetables to the dish: PLNT is high in protein and fibre and full of vitamin D, B12 and iron. The meat -and fish successors of PLNT are nutritional enough on their own. No concessions to taste, structure and healthy nutrients for the consumer: they won’t even know the difference…


Our products are perfect for the consumer at home. They are quick and easy to prepare and the possibilities are endless. You can create a vegan dish in no time. Consumers absolutely love it. But don’t take our word for it, let them do the talking:


We offer several options for POS-materials to PLNT-up your store. From shelf strips to floor stickers and outdoor promotion: let’s discuss your needs. And supply us with your logo as well: we add you to our availability page so everyone can see where they can enjoy PLNT.

A few examples of what we can do:


Shelf strips

Roll-up banners


Freezer / fridge stickers


Like our products, but rather want them in your own brand? Our delicious PLNT-based products are also available in private label. We’re happy to supply you with more information.

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