We are PLNT.

Our 100% plant-based successors are healthy, animal-free & simply delicious! Relatable flavours in a plant-based fashion.


At PLNT we love nice food, a nice life and an even nicer world around us. But we are also aware of the impact we leave on it. That’s why we believe that a healthier life and a healthier planet are the basis of our future. We enjoy ‘living in the moment’ but look ahead to tomorrow. That’s also why we have a wide range of ‘next level’ successors of meat and fish, for everyone who makes a conscious choice to eat less (or no) meat or fish. With PLNT, you’ll taste the original, but you’ll be eating completely plant-based, healthy and animal-free.


That PLNT is connected to meat, might surprise you. Our parent company, Jan Zandbergen Group, started as a small butcher in the 1950ies, in Leiden (the Netherlands). Over 70 years later, the tiny butcher’s shop has turned into an expert in providing the world with protein, always with one eye on a healthy future. With the founding of Future Food Group, we want to contribute to a new world with innovative, plant-based successors to meat and fish.

Because of these roots, our former butchers know exactly what plant-based successors should taste and feel like to resemble the ‘original’ as much as possible. To get as close to the original structures of ‘the real deal’, many of our products are made with classical machines from our former butchers. Furthermore, all our products are unique, because each one needs something different to get as close as possible to their original.


Health is all about balance! As you may know by now, PLNT is made from natural ingredients and without the use of chemicals. All our products are 100% GMO and chemical free, and we offer a range of products that are gluten-free or even completely allergen free! But you probably know that health isn’t about claims but about balance! Balance should be found in the core of a product, from macronutrients all the way down to micronutrients!

What do we mean when we say ‘natural ingredients’? Foremost, it means that we aim to use only additives in our products that are not artificially made, but come from naturally existing sources. In other words: the colour that makes our minced products pink comes from beetroot powder, our Salmon Fillet orange comes from  paprika, and the taste that makes it fishy comes from nori seaweed.

There is one exception to our rule: methylcellulose. It optimizes the texture and therefore mouthfeel that makes our products taste so much like their original. Although made artificially, we conducted our own research that showed methyl cellulose behaves very much like a natural fibre, works the same miracles in our gut, and has no negative health effects. Because taste is our number one priority, we use methyl cellulose where necessary but always keep an eye open for (natural) alternatives for this additive.

Did you know that most plant-based proteins are less easily digestible by the body compared to animal proteins? Proteins are made up of small building blocks called amino acids. It is important to ensure an adequate intake of the right kind of amino acids (i.e. proteins), because it’s an essential macro nutrient that plays a vital role in the human body. For example, protein is the main building block of our muscles, bones, skin, and organs. In our PLNT meat and fish successors, we often combine different types of protein in our products, which improves the overall protein quality and digestibility of the products and ensures you get all the protein you need to live your best life!

The different types of protein we use in our 100% plant-based products are:

  • Soy
  • Pea
  • Potato
  • Wheat
  • Rice

Did you know that your gut speaks to your brain? It’s called the “gut-brain axis. Recently, Multiple scientific studies have shown that the quality of our microbiome (= all bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and fungi that naturally occur in our intestines) has a significant impact on not only or physical- but also our mental health. ‘The balance between good and bad bacteria is influenced (among other factors) by the food we eat, and especially by the fibers in our food. Therefore, almost all of our products are ‘rich in fibre. This allows our products to contribute to people’s well being, benefiting both their psychical and mental health.  With our products we can contribute to both the physical and mental health of people to some extent.

Fat is not only something you want to get rid of, it actually serves an important purpose in your body. One of the primary functions of fat is to serve as a concentrated source of energy. Furthermore, Some vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, are fat-soluble, meaning they require fat to be properly absorbed and utilized by the body. Like protein, your body needs the right type of (unsaturated) fatty acids. At PLNT, we aim to use Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids where we can, because they possess anti-inflammatory properties and they have been shown to have positive effects on brain- and heart health. Furthermore, all of our products are low as possible in saturated fat.

To match our plant-based products as much as possible to their original, we add extra vitamins and minerals. During this process, we pay extra attention to the balance and dosage of these vitamins and minerals. Since plant-based iron & Vitamin B12 is generally more difficult to absorb than animal-based iron, & Vitamin B12, the dosage is carefully managed to enhance the bioavailability (so that the body can absorb it well). Especially in Western Europe, many adults suffer from a chronic vitamin D deficiency, so extra vitamin D is added which has been derived from organic mushrooms that have been activated by UV light.


Our products are made with care in the Netherlands. All our products are 100% palm oil free and our packaging is made of recycled and FSC certified paper. But sustainability goes beyond these claims. Where PLNT really makes a difference compared to other plant-based products is that all our ingredients are sustainably sourced from within Europe. Learn more about everything we do below:

At PLNT, we are in charge from start to finish when creating our 100% plant-based meat & fish successors: we have our own research & development team, our own production facility, we do our own marketing and have a dedicated Sales team that completely stands by our products. By having all production steps performed in-house, we can ensure that the highest standards are met at every stage and enables us to utilise our resources efficiently.

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method and is the certification method for a sustainable built environment. With this method, projects can be assessed on integral sustainability. The method was developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and is now used in more than 80 countries worldwide. Our production Facility received the BREAAM Outstanding certification. More information about this initiative: https://www.breeam.nl/english-9

A part of our range is made from soy. Our soy is sourced and produced sustainably, so we can enjoy this plant-based protein booster without deforestation and without importing it from the other side of the world!

  • Produced locally in Austria
  • No fossil fuels are used: 100% sustainable hydroelectrical power
  • 85% of this energy is re-used during production
  • Zero-waste: all parts of the bean are used.
  • The highest quality standard: free of GMOs and chemicals
  • During growth, soy purifies the air of nitrogen
  • Healthy for soil: harvested soy soil supports the next crop

Pea protein is a great source of iron and hypoallergenic. We use it in some of our strips and in our PLNT 100% plant-based salmon fillet. The pea protein we use is sourced from France as a crop used in ‘crop rotation’: a technique used in agriculture to optimize soil structure and health by planting different crops sequentially on the same plot.

Award winning products

Our products are true innovations when it comes to taste, sustainability, healthy and ingenuity. That’s why many of our PLNT-astic products have been nominated for or even won several awards!

Crab Cake

Top Innovation 2023 - Anuga

Crab Cake

Nomination - New Product Expo at PLMA Amsterdam 2023


Best in Show Food&Hotel Asia 2023


Best Vegan Novelty Tuttofood 2023

Salmon fillet

Nomination - Gezonde innovatie Award 2022

Salmon fillet

Nomination - SIAL Innovation Award 2022

Salmon fillet

Nomination - Gulfood Innovation Award 2023

Fish Burger

Beste Introductie Levensmiddelenkrant 2022

Pulled Beef

Nomiation - Gezonde Innovatie Award 2021

Chicken Pieces Satay

Beste Introductie Levensmiddelenkrant 2021