Greek style Chicken Wrap

With PLNT 100% plant-based Chicken Tenders


How it's done

1. Chop the cucumber in cubes (after removing the seeds), the carrot in strips, and cut some of the radish, the pepper and the spring onion in slices.

2. Chop the (plant-based) Greek feta into cubes.

3. Bake the pitas in the oven or airfryer for 3 minutes. put 1 pita on each plate and start by dressing it with the feta and the vegetables. 

5. Bake the Chicken Tenders in a pan with some sesame oil en place them on the vegetables. Drizzle with some sesame sauce and a couple tea spoons of the crispu chilli oil. 

6. Place a second pita on top and you’re ready to go! It was amazing! 

This recipe was developed by PLNT ambassador: