The World’s First Ready-Made Vegan Beef Wellington Comes From The Netherlands


PLNT has developed the first ready-to-eat Vegan Beef Wellington in the Netherlands. Over the years several attempts for its development were made, but now PLNT is launching a Vegan Beef Wellington that is just as juicy and delicious as the original.

Growing demand for plant-based dishes

The meat substitutes market is developing strongly and grew by 8% in 2021 in the Netherlands. According to the Dutch Vleesvervangersmonitor (Meat substitutes monitor), 54% of the Dutch were already either flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan that year. PLNT likes to lead the way in offering special innovations to this market and regularly develops products for partners wanting to respond to the increasing demand for unique plant-based dishes.

Easter is the perfect occasion for special dishes to treat friends and family. Of course the best thing would be to satisfy both meat eaters and non-meat eaters. With this in mind, PLNT developed this special vegan variant of Beef Wellington, which is now available at Dutch online supermarket Crisp and later this year at other retailers.

Beef Wellington now also vegan

Beef Wellington is a dish created by one of the chefs of general and statesman Arthur Wellesly. As Duke of Wellington, he defeated Napoleon in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo. To honor him, the chef prepared this dish with beef tenderloin and named it after him. It is now a real classic that is mainly made and eaten around the holidays.

“In 2022, this beautiful dish should not only be available to meat eaters. We thought that it should be possible to develop a vegan variety of this: just as tasty and juicy as the original, but more sustainable and healthier,” says Marleen Kolijn, Sr. Brand Manager at PLNT.

Just like the original

A good reason to sit down with PLNT’s product developers. Jos Havekotte, Manager Innovation at PLNT: “We took on this challenge with great enthusiasm. To offer a real innovation with Beef Wellington as a starting point. Creating this classic dish but next level, that is something we wanted to sink our teeth into! Because we work with a team of experts, we were ultimately able to develop a delicious product, with the taste of the original Beef Wellington. Made with specially developed vegan minced meat with spicy mushrooms and crispy puff pastry.”

Kolijn: “With this Vegan Beef Wellington, you can steal the show during a dinner with both non-meat eaters and meat lovers. A delicious vegan alternative to the classic Beef Wellington, which for this Easter is especially available at our partner Crisp!


The world’s first ready-made vegan Beef Wellington comes from The Netherlands

PLNT has developed the first ready-to-eat Vegan Beef Wellington in the Netherlands.

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