PLNT Introduces New Innovations: 100% Plant-Based Salmon And Chicken


PLNT introduces three new products on December 15th: Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Tenders and Salmon Fillet. It’s the brand’s response to the most important trends in food right now: environment and health. Future Food Group, the company that is behind PLNT, developed the products in the Netherlands. “We enter a new phase. Consumers in many countries agree that we need to eat less meat and fish because of the environment and personal health, and demand meat and fish successors to adhere to those standards”, says Marleen Kolijn, Senior Brand Manager at PLNT.

The necessity for meat and fish successors to become healthier and sustainable is supported by research: according to data from GfK and The Good Food Institute, environment and health are the most important reasons to reduce meat consumption in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy. Furthermore, consumers in France, Italy, Spain and Germany intent to eat more plant-based products in the coming years. The focus on environment and especially health started during the COVID pandemic, but seems to hold up over the coming years.

“Our new products are 100% plant-based, and our new Salmon fillet is completely allergen free. We source our ingredients as close to home as possible, with wheat from Denmark and the Netherlands,  and soy from Austria, which are just two examples. It’s our mission to develop products that are identical to the original in taste and mouthfeel. This is a conscious choice, because we focus on (future) flexitarians that want to eat less meat but don’t want to make any concessions”,  according to Marleen Kolijn. Currently, more than between 50% of consumers in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy have reduced their meat consumption in the last 5 years.

The Chicken Nuggets, Tenders and the Salmon fillet will be available for Food Service, Retail and Industry. Marleen Kolijn: “They are perfect to use in meals, as snacks, but can also be meal components in salads or wraps. The possibilities are endless.” In September 2022, The Salmon Fillet was nominated for SIAL Innovation Award.


PLNT introduces new innovations: 100% plant-based salmon and chicken

PLNT introduces three new delicious meat and fish successors on December 15th: Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Tenders and Salmon Fillet.

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