Autumn Tiger Roll

With our PLNT 100% plant-based Chicken Burger & Pre-Fried Bacon Bits



1. Grill or cook the PLNT 100% plant-based Chicken Burger as stated on the packaging, until a nice golden brown (use Pam spray in the pan). 

2. Cook the PLNT 100%plant-based pre-fried Bacon Bits. For this recipe, I am only using 50 grams, but am cooking the whole pack (for use later). 

3. Grate your vegetables and make and add the dressing with the different condiments. Mix well.

4. For vegetarians: scramble the 2 eggs. Want to make this recipe plant-based? Then either leave out this step or use an egg substitute. 

5. Cut open the Rolls and start building your Autumn dish! 

6. Start by placing the lettuce and add a spoonful of the mixed salad.

7. Add your PLNT 100% plant-based Chicken Burger and another spoonful of the mixed salad.

8. Then add about 25 grams of the PLNT 100% plant-based pre-fried Bacon Bits per Roll.

9. And to finish, if wanted: a spoonful of scrambled egg.

Enjoy! If you have any of the mixed salad, Bacon Bits and egg left over, simply add some tomato, cucumber, and nuts/seeds and you have a great salad for later! 

This is a recipe by PLNT ambassador